Wedding Photography FAQ

Wedding Photos

How will I receive my pictures?

Your fully edited, high resolution wedding pictures will be delivered on a custom Diana Deaver Weddings usb flash drive compatible with most computers. Engagement Session and Bridal Portrait pictures will be delivered on a disc.

How many pictures will I get?

The number of photos you get will vary depending upon the amount of hours we shoot and the happenings on your wedding day. On average you can expect between 500 and 700 custom edited photographs documenting your wedding.

Will the photos be edited?

Absolutely! All of your pictures go through our unique selection and creative editing process. We create a customized process for each wedding we edit, aiming for unique results that best compliment you and your wedding.

Will I have the copyright for the images I receive?

You will have a limited copyright which entitles you to reproduce your photographs at your discretion, indefinitely. This means that you are free to print as many photos as you like (and we’re always happy to help with that) and post your photographs to your website, Facebook page, etc. If you intend to sell your wedding photographs or use them for commercial purposes otherwise please contact us before doing so.

Can I print my pictures anywhere I want?

Yes. If you desire higher quality prints then we are happy to make your life easier and handle the printing for you.

How long after the wedding will I receive my photographs?

Typically we will have your photographs ready within a week. However, during the busy wedding season, it may take us up to two weeks. We want to deliver your memories to you in their absolute best form and prefer to take our time in order to give your photos the attention they deserve.

How early should we begin photographing on my wedding day?

We prefer to arrive about one hour to an hour and a half before your ceremony begins in order to capture both the bride and groom during your wedding venue preparations. You may choose to alter these timelines in a manner that best works for you on your wedding day.

Do you travel and are there extra costs associated with traveling?

Yes! We enjoy traveling anywhere in the world for our work. 50 miles of traveling from Charleston, SC are included in every package. For every mile after 50 the travelling cost is calculated at $1/mile. For packages $4000 or more traveling costs are waived within 200 miles of Charleston, SC.



Can I create my own customized package?

Yes! We would love to discuss what we can do to meet your vision and create a custom package that will help you achieve it. We can advise you on things to keep or drop from your package and tailor it specifically to your needs. Please send us an email or call us and we will do our best to meet your vision and budget.

What happens once I decide on my package?

First of all, we are very excited to get to work with you! To get started, contact us and let us know which package you would like. We will send you a contract via email which you can then sign and return to us with a retainer. The retainer is half of the total package. Once you return the signed contract and the retainer we are yours!


On Your Wedding Day

Do I need to make a list of formal wedding photographs I want?

We highly recommend that you provide us with a list of the formal or any other photographs you desire. This ensures a quick and smooth transition time between your ceremony and reception when we shoot formals. There are moments throughout your day that we always make a point to focus on, but sometimes we may be unaware of special items at your wedding (items handmade for the tables at your reception, for example) so letting us know any of your specific requests is always helpful.

How many photographers will I have at my wedding?

Diana and her assistant are a team and will both be at your wedding. Our photographic styles compliment one another very well, and being a guy and a girl we are able to photograph both the bride and the groom before the ceremony at the same time. If one of them is not available another photographer with similar experience will replace them. You will always have at least two photographers at your wedding. On occasion, Diana and her assistant will bring an intern.


Engagement Sessions

Do I really need an engagement session?

Mastering your wedding budget gets interesting during these times and there are definitely things that we think are more important than others when it comes to deciding what goes in your wedding package. An engagement session is one of the most underestimated segments of a good wedding package. First of all, it captures a side of you that belongs only to that time in your life: the few months right before your wedding. That time is different than any other…it has a certain intensity and nervousness that are absolutely magic. You are not yet married but you have promised someone one that you are going to spend the rest of your life with them. Having photographs from that time in your life will forever remind you how you were, how you felt for each other, why you got married…we get goosebumps sometimes watching an embrace during an engagement session. It reminds us that despite the hardships and “the valleys and peaks”, love is worth fighting and living for. Another great benefit to an engagement session is that it allows us to get to know you, to see you together and understand what kind of photos you like. By the time of the wedding, you will already be more familiar with us and feel relaxed with us around you. It’s like a trial run for one of your most important wedding professionals. Many people like to use photos from their engagement session for their wedding invitations or save the date cards.

What happens on the day of our engagement session?

We believe that the better we get to know one another the better the pictures will be. We also think that nobody is comfortable when a couple of strangers show up and point cameras in your face and ask you to be natural. With that in mind, we will get together on the day of your engagement session and sit around and talk over food or drinks for about half an hour. This really helps us all to get to know one another and be comfortable together. Then we spend an hour to an hour and a half, no longer as strangers, photographing your love for one another. This has proven time and time again to be a great way to go about an engagement session.

Can we change looks or locations for our engagement session?

Absolutely. We are happy to do clothing and location changes. It is common for couples to bring two different styles of clothing, one more formal and one more casual, and change halfway through an engagement session. This offers you some diversity in the final photographs.


About Diana and Her Team

How many weddings have you photographed?

As of January 2015 we have photographed over 200 weddings!

Why should I have two photographers at my wedding?

Two heads are better than one! It didn’t take long for Diana and her assistant to realize that they stylistically complimented one another very well: the two come together to produce results that they couldn’t get alone. Having two perspectives benefits you greatly! Also, two photographers have strategic advantages over one. Once we arrive at your wedding one of the photographers will be with the guys and Diana with the girls and that way both sides can be covered at once without having to worry about anything being missed.