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I’m so excited you are here. You must be pretty happy, checking out your beautiful sparkly ring, giddy to find the right wedding photographer, the one that will be the best at capturing your beauty and your joy. I really hope it’s me because I can hardly wait to see you in your wedding dress.

I’m Diana, the lead photographer behind Diana Deaver Weddings. I would say I’m attentive, artistic and totally in love with emotions. My clients would say I make them look pretty, I’m good to calm the nerves and I have a gift for catching beautiful moments.  (In fact you can read their own words here).

That always gets me a blush and a smile!

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In all honesty I think I’m just crazy lucky to have witnessed so much love in my life. With about 200 weddings under my belt, I have gotten wedding photography down to an art. Yet somehow I still get touched by the incredibly powerful displays of love and joy I get to witness at “my job”.

When I’m not photographing people in love I run my emotional health coaching practice, which pretty much means that I help people find their own way towards love- self love. Like I said, crazy lucky!

Wedding Photographer Charleston SC

Please write me an email and tell me more about your wedding day and your boldest dream for your wedding photography. What would you like your photos to be like? What would you like us to focus on?

If you’re curious about some of my latest work please click here


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