Wedding Tips

tips for your wedding day

Wedding Tips for Gorgeous Photos and a Smooth Easy Going Day

Make a list of your family formal pictures.

Taking formal pictures is the least favorite part of everyone involved so we try to make that time as smooth and quick as possible. Having a pre-made list of family pictures ready simplifies the process and helps make sure no one is left out. Make sure to consult your parents and include everyone that is important to you.

Have a trial run for your vendors.

Hair, make-up, flowers…vendors that provide these wedding goods will often offer “trial runs” to make sure everything looks exactly the way you would want it. A bridal portrait session is sometimes a perfect opportunity to see it all come together before your wedding day. Some of our past sessions have helped brides choose a more comfortable pair of shoes, or a different hair style that looked more like their vision.

Choose a time of the day when the light is not too strong.

If you are getting married outdoors it is important to keep in mind the position of the sun at the time of your ceremony. The ideal light for photographs is one hour to two hours before sunset. We certainly recommend staying away from the mid afternoon sun which will make it difficult for you not to squint or for your guests not to be blinded by it. Sunglass photos are not ideal, but we are prepared to work in any conditions necessary.

Hire a “day of” planner.

If you have been in a wedding recently you probably know there comes a time when you just want to be told what to do and where you need to be. Having someone designated to ensure that everybody is at the right time in the right place will avoid any unnecessary headaches and chaos.

Book us as early as possible.

There are several advantages to doing this. First, there is nothing worse than finding out that the photographer you want is already booked for your wedding day (people often book us a year in advance). Second, we review our prices once a year and it is very likely we will raise them as we update our photographic gear and gain more experience. Booking us in advance may save you some money in the long run. Thirdly, being booked early will give us an opportunity to develop a friendship, get to know you better, find you on Facebook and so on.

Consider how will your hair affect your pictures

It’s┬ánot easy to know what your hair will look like in photos as you are perusing the thousands of Pinterest options for wedding hair. When choosing your style keep in mind that if you have long hair and you will be wearing it down, your face may not be visible in your pictures, especially as you face your groom during the ceremony. During the majority of the ceremony your guests and your photographers will only get to look at you from the side as you will be addressing your groom, putting his wedding ring on and even kiss him, so make sure that if someone is looking at your profile they can see your face, your expressions and eyes.
Place your cake away from a wall
If your cake is placed on a table against the wall we won’t be able to get crowd photos and as a background you’ll have the wallpaper or curtains on that wall. We recommend placing the cake away from a wall or somewhere where people can walk around it. That will give us more options for interesting and fun angles where we can capture the reaction of your guests as you cut it.

Walk during your Send-Off as opposed to running

Many times the bride and groom will have an official end of the party with sparklers, bird seed or other items being thrown at them as they find their way into their get-away car. Our suggestion is that you walk as opposed to running to give us enough time to get more than one good shot and to allow your guests to enjoy those last moments as well. Enjoy the last seconds of your wedding and calmly stroll down the pathway of sparklers, bubbles or flower petals that your guests are making for you. Don’t be afraid to stop right in the middle and kiss your groom one more time. Everyone will cheer and the photographers will get a good chance of taking some really good photographs.

How To Get Great Getting Ready Photos

If your wedding pictures mean a lot to you then you’ll probably want to pay special attention to your venue. Your getting ready pictures for example depend a lot of the location you have selected.
Here are some of the things to keep in mind:
1) When looking for a venue make sure your getting ready room has plenty of natural light and several options for soft backgrounds, drapes and curtains.
2) You want the room you will be getting ready to have plenty of space for all your bridesmaids and their “getting ready stuff” (bags with clothes, boxes of shoes, make-up kits and garment bags). It’s very easy to end up with a big mess when several people are changing in the same place. Make sure your background doesn’t look like a disaster area by asking your bridesmaids to put their things away before the photographer starts snapping away.
3) Have a full body mirror available. You’ll want to see yourself before you walk down the isle.
4) If you did not schedule a bridal portrait session ahead of time, your photographer can make sure there is a great photo of you in your wedding gown by yourself. Make sure to have a great headshot taken as well.
5) Have your Mom and your girls around when you’re slipping into your dress, and make sure they are already wearing theirs. You’ll treasure these moments later when you’ll look back over your pictures and relive your day.
(See example photos here)