Custom USB Flash Drives

Now that we have our beautiful new logo from Ravyn at Three Fifteen Design, our custom rubber stamp, our return address stamp, and our handmade cards, we decided to personalize the way we deliver your wedding photographs.

[onehalf] wedding photography custom USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drives

We have been delivering wedding photographs on a USB flash drive for some time now. They are small, convenient, work on almost any computer, and allow us more memory than CDs or DVDs, which means we can fit all of your wedding photographs into one place (and that’s a lot)![/onehalf] [onehalflast]

custom USB flash drive wedding photography


One element that has been missing is that with CDs and DVDs we are able to print a personalized label, but with flash drives we didn’t have this ability, so we were left using flash drives that looked generic because…..well, they were.[/onehalflast]

Custom USB flash drive wedding photographer


So, we decided to create a custom USB flash drive that would represent who we are. We used two variations of our logo for this design. Since we love natural, organic elements (and especially wood) we decided that wood would be the perfect material to use for the drives. We were able to create a USB drive that was simple, elegant, and helped to show who we are, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

5 Comments on “Custom USB Flash Drives

  1. Would love to know where you got these from and engraved. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Diana,

    We came across your post here and we were upset to hear your experience was not positive. We’re not sure what the issues in communication were, but I’m here to apologize and assure you that our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. The next time you need flash drives, we’d love to make up for any mistakes that might have been made and provide you with the customer service you expect and deserve. I hope you give us that opportunity. 🙂

    Thank You

  3. Hey there! What size did you end up getting? if you dont mind me asking? I am looking at the 16 and 32gig sizes right now but havent decided if I can fit all photos at 100% onto 16 gig…maybe 80% on export….thanks for your insite!

  4. I usually include between 1000 and 1600. Do you export at 100%? Thank you for your help!