The American Theater Surprise Engagement

Larry thought of this one all on his own when he decided to rent the American Theater and use the theater’s marquis to propose to his beautiful girlfriend Sarah. So, they went to see the movie: “Sarah, will you marry me?”. Good movie, have you seen it? 🙂 He rented the marquis over the weekend so the words lingered above King street for three days before it was changed. They found out later that somebody else who was in in-love with his beautiful girlfriend, also named Sarah ended up using it to propose as well. How cute!

Well, our Sarah said yes and a couple of months later we had the privilege of taking them out for a stroll on King Street and a super cute downtown Charleston engagement session. Larry rented the marquis again, just to give us a chance to capture the reenactment of the special moment. We even did it all at the same time of the day. We’ll let you decide on exactly how adorable they are together…

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