A Real Review!

While we have been been featured and recognized by many wedding sites and magazines there is nothing more moving and meaningful to us than the review of a bride. Last year was a very hard working year for both of us and we sacrificed many sunny days to improve every aspect of our photography, from equipment to the editing process. That being said we have recently received several reviews from our 2012 brides that blew us away. I actually cry reading these because more than a title from a magazine or a generic award from a national site, for me, the positive review of an actual bride is the ultimate recognition of our efforts. For example, here is a review and wedding highlights from Lauren and Wes, married November 3rd 2012:

“Diana Deaver and Steven Hyatt are a photography team extraordinaire! I actually got married in Greenville, SC and they are from Charleston, SC but that was not a problem at all. We were in constant communication. They were absolutely incredible to work with – completely professional but also very personable. Steven is so laid back and could roll with anything that happens on your day and capture it all! His calm was a nice thing to have around on a stressful wedding day. Diana is so kind and has an enthusiasm that is contagious and will brighten your big day and help keep you at ease. They are both so nice and incredible to deal with, I can’t recommend them enough. I gave them a rather long list of specific shots I wanted and they nailed it while staying calm and professional even though they were being rushed. They are truly amazing photographers that get inspiration from the love and beauty on your day and translate that into the most amazing pictures you could imagine. The quality of their photography is unreal and everyone that has seen my wedding pictures has been blown away. They capture the people, the details, the decorations, the surroundings…nothing got past them. And, I promise they will get angles and perspectives that no other photographer will. Some of my favorite pictures they took are ones that I never would’ve thought of and ones that I had thought of but they made better. When I got to see my pictures on their website and they still had their logo across the bottom, I used those to post on Facebook because I was so proud of them I wanted everyone to know who took those incredible shots. They’re a dream team and anyone not booking them is missing out.”

Wes and Lauren's Simpsonville Wedding Photography

Now, how could I not get teary eyed with a review like that?! And in all honesty, Lauren and Wes were amazing…just as easy and genuine as they describes us to be! Another example is Adrienne and Macky, married October 2012. Here is their review:

“When planning the wedding people said your food and photographer could make or break your day. I agree wholeheartedly!! Diana and Steven were absolutely FANTASTIC!!! From the first time we met them we knew we wanted them to be a part of our special day. They were very accommodating throughout the planning process – I couldn’t have an official bridal portrait done so Diana volunteered to take some shots of me when I was in town to have my hair and make-up trial done. They were done very casually in and around her home and were amazing. I gave the photos to my husband on our wedding day. Diana and Steven were with us every step of the way on our wedding day and the people who have seen our pictures have said they are some of the most beautiful they have ever seen. Thank you, thank you, thank you Diana and Steven for such beautiful memories of our love.”

Adrienne and Macky's Charleston SC Wedding Photographers

And finally, a note from a couple we photographed September 2012 that had to move to Europe after their wedding:

“WOW! Drew and I were blown away with the photos. We could not be happier with the outcome of the photos. We can’t wait to share these photos with our friends and family. We know they will be just as happy with them, as we are. We are excited to decorate our new home in Germany with all these photos. Thank you so much for truly capturing our Love on film and being there to share in our special day.”

Loukeya and Drew's Charleston SC Wedding Photography

After reading such words we take a deep breath and prepare ourselves to pour our love, our passion and our dedication into the weddings of 2013 and we pray that we will once again, earn “the real reviews”.

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