You’re being photographed by a duck!

wedding photographer

“You’re a duck!” – a friend of mine told me recently.

“What?! What do you mean?”

“You’re a duck! Smooth on the surface and paddling like heck under water”. I smiled.

I guess I am a duck. I am a human duck. In fact it is extremely easy for me to be confident and “smooth” in my business. I have already proven myself to myself. The years of experience, the generous reviews, the published work…all of it has made a big difference in creating the professional confidence…But under the surface of a skilled wedding photographer, I am a girl. A girl who still doubts herself in her own life relationships, a girl that still cries at weddings behind her camera, a girl that often feels like she is not enough to be as loved as those superb women in white dresses she photographs all the time.


charleston sc wedding photographers

photographed at Magnolia Plantation


I wanted to come clean about that. I am not my work… In fact, what I create has very little to do with me and so much more to do with that undefined life wave that flows betweeen me and my clients. It is being in the presence of love what creates my work.  I am the witness of LOVE and by capturing it I invite my clients, their families and their friends to witness it too.

wedding photographers charleston sc

photographed at Folly Beach

What is spectacular about viewing your wedding photographs for the first time is that until that moment you only have a faint memory of a fast paced day. You probably only remember parts of it. That’s where photographs come in. You get to re-experience your wedding day from an outside perspective, a third eye, a neutral point of view, someone who is not from the groom’s side, or the bride’s side…someone who came to see your love and joy and then show it back to you.

fun formal photos

photographed by Jessica Rueger

Behind the camera that is constantly pointed at you there is a skilled professional photographer and there is also a girl. And in her personal life, in her heart, she is learning to understand that she is worth being loved as much as you are! There…now you know! It feels good.

(Top photograph by Mark Pelekakis)

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