The Best Wedding Photos of 2016- A Year of Outstanding Beauty

Best Wedding Photos Downtown Charleston SC photographed by Diana Deaver Weddings

It’s nice to sit down with a cup of hot cocoa and look over the best wedding photos of the last 12 months of work. To say that we have been busy might be a touch of an understatement. We photographed some breath taking couples this past year. Looking back over our best photos from this year it’s easy to notice that each of them is rich with emotion, and that’s what we love…

I have to take a moment and express my deep gratitude to all the couples who chose us to capture their wedding…sharing their love with us is such a special gift, such an honor. And of course, I am thankful for the wonderful photographers who have assisted me this past year and have allowed me to relax in my creativity, knowing that if I didn’t get the best angle, the was a second eye looking over the scene.

We hope you enjoy looking over these images and noticing just how palpable some of the joy, love and fun can be when captured in wedding images. And if you just got engaged, well then, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have so much to look forward to!

Engagement Session Highlights:

Some of my favorite moments from this past year’s engagement sessions happened quite organically: we got invited on roof tops, got photobombed by “wild” puppies and took photos even in the mountains of Romania…


The Bride:

When a woman wears her wedding dress something magical happens…she somehow becomes more comfortable with allowing the full glory of her beauty to com through. I am not making this up, I promise. See for yourself…

Bride and Groom Only:

I have to admit, these are by far my favorite moments to photograph: the pressure is off, there is no one around but us and the love birds and usually nature has a way of showing up for these couples that takes mt breath away every-time. Check out the peacock in these photos, insisting that he gets included. Or the incredible waterscapes and live-oak backgrounds that scream Charleston.


Ceremony Moments:

These are the most intense moments…when she walks down the isle, when dad gives her away, when the ring is wiggled on the finger, when she gets kissed…I’ll tell a secret, don’t tell anyone, my heart still pounds during these moments, even after 200 weddings.


Reception Fun:

Oh, let there be dancing…We are so grateful for the amazing DJs, bands and musicians who made taking awesome reception photos easy for us. The reception if the perfect example of how important it is for vendors to collaborate and support each other.


The Send Off:

This is it….this is the way we close the day: rose petals, led balloons, sparklers or soap bubbles…it’s  a playful way to say goodbye to your guests and create a visual ending for your day.



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