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Wedding Day Portraits If there is one way when a woman desires to feel beautiful then that is certainly her wedding day. We love to set aside 15 minutes during the...

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This gallery is dedicated to bride and groom wedding day portraits. These are what we call “the framers”, the photos you will most likely display in your home, meant to take your breath...

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These are the most emotional moments of your wedding day. Laughter, tears, joy, vows…this is what makes this day so special.

These are the moments before you walk down the isle. They are charged with excitement, emotion and anticipation. Enjoy reliving them through your wedding pictures captured by Diana Deaver Weddings.

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Let the fun begin! Laughter, silly dances and excellent food usually are a must. Memorable photographs are also!

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We like to make our engagement sessions fun as we visit the many incredible venues around Charleston. Plantations, old streets and other romantic locations make the perfect backdrops for stunning engagement...