When someone else does the research for you…

Diana Deaver Weddings

When we were told we were selected as one of the top 20 best wedding photographers in Charleston SC, we were really touched. There are a lot of wedding photographers in Charleston as I’m sure you’ve figured out by doing your own research trying to find the best photographer for your wedding!

The people of EXPERTISE did their own independent study of 298 wedding photographers comparing them all on a variety of criteria ranging from reputation to experience. Phew! I can only imagine how much legwork and patience that took! And to our delight we were on their list of the best. I have to admit that feel pretty good to know 🙂

We even got a badge! Thank you EXPERTISE! You guys rock! 🙂

Diana Deaver best wedding photographer charleston sc

And in all honesty, in our own eyes, we feel we count among the most heart and soul invested wedding photographers in Charleston. We love our clients and have life long relationships with them. It’s truly a privilege to accompany our clients along their most beautiful life moments, not only at their wedding but as their family grows as well.

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